Relax in a tube!

Quick Details

What to Bring

  • Photo ID
  • Coolers can be brought except Styrofoam
  • Sunscreen
Per Tube

Reserve Rafting Tubes for a Fun Day on the River

Our river rafting tubes offer the perfect way to lay back and relax as you float down the Hiwassee River. Get wet, stay cool, and have a great time! Read more about your trip and reserve your rafting tube online.

  • Must be 18+ to float alone
  • The trip is self-guided
  • The trip takes about 3 hours depending on the size & shape of the boat taken
  • You will be taken upstream 6 miles and will float back to your vehicles at the facility
  • Water temperature is cold in the early summer at around 54 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Some type of shoes should be worn other than flip flops because the river has rocks that can hurt your feet
  • You will get wet! We are not responsible for lost items or damaged electronics
  • Three things that are prohibited on the river: Glass, Styrofoam, and alcohol
  • The tube rental does not include a paddle just a lifejacket